• Treating Mites and Lices in Chickens

    Mites are a common problem for backyard chicken owners. These tiny parasites can cause a range of issues for your birds, from decreased egg production to anemia and even death. It's important to catch and treat mites early to prevent them from becoming a serious problem for your flock.

    Read our guide to learn more about preventive measures, removing mites from your flock and proper husbandry.

  • 3 Reasons why Black Soldier Fly Larvae are the Great Treats For Your Flocks

    The hottest new treat in town for Chooks!
  • Treating Respiratory Infections in animals

    This guide was co-written with the head vet of AllPets Aqualife Clinic, Dr Chua. It provides a good comprehensive tips and tricks to help cure resp...
  • Guide to Incubators, Incubation and Candling eggs (With FAQ!)

    Incubating chicken eggs can be a fun and educational experience, especially for children. It allows you to see the life cycle of a chick from the very beginning, and there is always a sense of excitement when a hatching occurs.

    In this guide, we will cover the basics of incubating eggs, including temperature, humidity, and duration for different types of birds. We will also provide tips on buying incubators, storing eggs, and checking fertility.

  • Guide to Treating Splayed Legs in Chicks

    How to treat Splayed Legs in chicks! Splayed legs in chickens can be caused by various factors, such as genetics or slippery flooring. To prevent splayed legs, use an anti-slip mat for hatching and the first week of life, and avoid smooth or marble flooring for the first few weeks.
  • Collaring Roosters to Reduce Crowing!

    Collaring roosters can be an effective way to reduce crowing volume by up to 80% and sometimes even reduce the frequency of crows. This can help improve your sleep and keep your neighbors and family happy. Here are some tips on collaring your rooster

  • Complete Guide To Raising Your Chicks!

    Whether you're thinking of getting your first few chicks, or already have them; here are some tips you might find useful on how you can raise them well and healthy. Raising healthy chicks requires proper planning and care. If you're thinking of getting your first chicks, or have already adopted some, these tips can help you provide the best possible care for your feathered friends.
  • Our First Aid Kit for Prevention and Treatment for Common Health Issues!

    What to prepare and how to prevent common health issues for chicks and chickens!  If you're a chicken owner, it's important to have a plan in place for common health issues that may arise. Here are some tips on how to prevent and treat common ailments in chickens:
  • Avian and Poultry Vets in Singapore

    Poultry Vets in Singapore!
  • Housing Your Chickens Guide!

    A guide to common housing types for chickens!

    And where to purchase materials for coops or coops itself.

  • Easy Bathing for Chickens! Even for Large Flocks!

    Bathing Your Large Flock of Chickens easily! (Or small flock). Bathing your chickens, whether it's a large flock or a single bird, can be a beneficial and bonding experience. Not only does it help keep your birds clean and healthy, but it can also be a relatively quick and easy process with the right tools and techniques. Check out our guide for a great experience when it comes to showering your chickens.
  • 6 Steps to Cleaning Your Coop! (Guide)

    How to easily clean your coop in 6 steps for your chooks! Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your chickens is essential for their health and well-being. A dirty coop or cage can lead to a range of issues, from respiratory problems to decreased egg production. Here's how you can sanitize, disinfect, and deep clean your chicken coop or cage to ensure the chickens have a nice and comfy place to sleep in!