Housing Your Chickens Guide!

There are a few laws in Singapore to consider when it comes to housing chickens.
It is legal to have up to 10 chickens on any premises, but they must be kept in a cage or aviary and not allowed to have contact with wild birds.
It is also recommended to provide at least 2-3 sq ft of space per chicken.

Keeping your chickens in a wire mesh enclosure can protect them from predators such as rats, snakes, and civet cats, and is especially important at night when they are sleeping.

Here are some options for housing your chickens, both indoors and outdoors:

For Indoors (and also for chicks!):

  1. Flat-based bunny cages are a good choice for a pair of chickens. Look for a cage that is at least 3 ft long and 2 ft wide to provide enough space for your birds. You can easily add wood shavings or use newspaper or pee pads for bedding, which should be cleaned or changed every few days. You can find these cages on sites like Carousell or Lazada, or at local pet stores.
  2. Toyogo tubs or Ikea Samla tubs are another option for indoor chicken housing. These tubs are durable and easy to clean, making them a convenient choice for small flocks.

1. Flat Based Bunny Cages are great for a pair of chooks. 


2. Toyogo Tubs/ Ikea Tubs
Check out Ikea's Storage Samla Tub.

 SAMLA box transparent 78 cm 56 cm 43 cm 130 l

For Outdoors: 

1. Wooden Coops! 

  1. DIY Customized coops can be built by a contractor or DIYed using materials like wood or metal. Recommended wood options include Kapur (a light, durable hardwood), Keuring (a heavy construction wood), or pine (which is commonly used in coops). Chicken wire and other materials can be purchased at stores like Buildmate or Builder's Mart. Lai Xin Feng chicken wire is a durable and long-lasting choice.
  2. Pre-made coops can be purchased online from sites like Taobao, Aliexpress, EZbuy, or Carousell. These coops are often made of pine and can last for several years with proper care and maintenance, such as applying a coat of Nippon Solarshield or similar paint or varnish. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, depending on your flock size and chicken breed. Options include all-in-one coops, large coops for 6-10 chickens, medium coops for 2-4 chickens, aviaries, and egg-laying cages. Be sure to provide your chickens with shelter and shade when using an outdoor coop.

Here are some examples and links (You can find other options)

All in One Coop/Aviary (Photos are from sellers, not mine)

Choosing your option depends on your space and flock size/chicken breed, alongside other factors.

Large Size Coop: Suitable for 6-10 chickens

Large Sized Option 1

$480+. 2.7m x 1.4 x 1.7m approx.


Large Sized Option 2


Medium Sized Options: Suitable for 2-4 chickens.

1. Rabbit Hutch 

$140+. 100 by 56 by 100cm (LBH). 


2. Med Size Coop Option 1


1.9m by 0.62m by 1.2m 

Suitable for 4-5 chickens (Bantams)

Med Size Coop Option 2


1.5 by 0.54 by 1m 




Med Size Coop Option 3 

Available in green/pine wood color


1.7 by 0.6 by 1m


3. Aviary

From $120+
Great for those with their own coops. 

Do provide shade/shelter against weather.

4. Cages : Dog/cat crates and egg-laying cages.

Egg-laying Cages


Cages are okay, but not a fan as i treat my chickens as pets. 
Wire bottom is NOT SUITABLE for chicks.

Adults do okay on it, but letting them out to exercise and strengthen their feet is essential. 

You can get them off lazada/carousell also. 


That's all! 
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos, nor sell any of these products nor make commission. I'm not responsible if any of these products have defects, the links chosen have decent reviews/purchases done.  

Just a compilation, and there are other designs out there too!