Our Story



In 2018, we started Clucking Good to look for better variety of feeds and other products. When we couldn't find it, we studied and formulated our own Clucking Good Grains and other original recipe products using latest animal science research, all these which chickens loved. 

Since then, we have experimented and been the first to bring in plenty of tried-and-tested products to the Poultry community, from Plospan Wood Shavings to various brands of chicken feed. Today, some products are exclusively carried by us. 

We would not be here without BYCS, which we have grown alongside. BYCS had 500 members then in 2017/18 and now over 2.6K. Some of our favourite activities have been BBQ parties, giveaways of products, chicks and we still give away chicks to date to spread the hobby. We also helped to sponsor Chicken Adoption Rescue Singapore, the first local chicken rescue.

But, our favourite part of Clucking Good is befriending like-minded chook lovers, and their chooks! Some of you are now our close friends. 

Clucking Good will always be a community-focused brand, with our hearts and minds being obsessed with chickens. Our team consists of hobbyists of various backgrounds, whom are all pet and poultry lovers, and we even have food science and animal sciences industry experts advising and mentoring us.