Treating Splayed Legs!

Splayed legs arises from various reasons, sometimes simply by nature during incubation, but as often, the first flooring they are on is slippery and they endup splaying their legs. 
Prevention for this can be hatching on anti slip mats. and raising them on it for the first week!
Avoiding marble and other smooth flooring for the first few weeks would also be great. 

Here's how we have treated splayed legs effectively for many chicks. 
Most importantly, it is IMPORTANT to treat ASAP before it worsens, and becomes incurable or permanent as the chick bone structure strengthens in that odd positioning.


1. For curled toes, we use medical tape, spread the toes out and tape gently around it. This helps to keep the toes apart and in good natural position to recover and strengthen. As the bones "firm up", the positioning is likely to stick. 
Some use cardboard casting etc, but as chicks usually get their feet wet and dirty, we have found this tape cast to be most effective!

2. For the splayed outward legs, a separate treatment is needed. There are multiple ways to do this, we usually use a simple small rubberband that's tight yet flexible on the legs for movement. 
Using a rough mat or anti slip mat would also help with the grip!

Usually a 3-5 days of treatment is good enough, it's important to change the tape and also remove the rubber band every 2 days to monitor the chick's progress. 

Should not be left on indefinitely.