Avian and Poultry Vets in Singapore

Credits to Parrot Funhouse for the infographic. 

For Poultry/Exotic Specialist Vets - Beecroft Birds and Exotic Veterinary Clinic is Singapore's newest vet clinic with good experience and reviews. Look for Dr Rina.  

We also frequent All Pets And Aqualife Vet for our vet needs, they have a good panel of vets, we are huge fans of Dr Fred! 

Along with that, Dr Nick Woo, an avian specialist at Advanced Vet Care is now keeping silkies too!
You can find him - but do note he's popular, appointments are needed. 

(Most vets require a call before heading down during this COVID period)

Disclaimer: We do not make any money from recommending vets nor are we responsible for any treatment gone wrong.