Easy Bathing for Chickens! Even for Large Flocks!

Bathing Your Large Flock of Chickens. Or single chicken!

Time: Took me just 1.5 hours for my flock of 6 Silkies! That’s very fast.

Effort Level: 6/10

Messy Level: 9/10


1. Rinse your Chicken with water (Preferably warm water)

Showerhead or tub is okay here! 
Making the chicken wet would allow for easier shampooing.

2. Add some F10 Shampoo into a tub for easy soaping of the chook!

F10 Shampoo smells great, and recommended by pet groomers for dogs/cats and pets with sensitive skin. 
It helps to kill fungi, germs, bacteria and viruses, so it gives a peace of mind... knowing how dirty the chickens can get.
Try it! 
Most pet shampoos work fine, some pet owners use baby shampoos too. 

3. Rinse off the soap!

4. Towel Dry to get rid of most of the water

5. Dry using Hairdryer, optionally using a Pet Drying Box (Links below!)

Can put up to 4-5 bantams in there to dry.

10 minutes does a good job but do note on the timing / heat inside. 

Grill is recommended so poop can drop under and feet can dry better, but it can get a little warm and heated up as it's metal. 

Recommended to monitor the temperature, after awhile, the heat option might be unnecessary as the hairdryer's been on for awhile. 

They also won’t be so fluffy as compared to you manually drying them one by one using a hairdryer. 

6. Bathe next one and add it into the basket with the rest!

Sun drying them after would be great, so bathe them on a hot and sunny day ideally!
Get your drying basket/ box here:
- On Taobao

- On Aliexpress - (50% pricier! For translation i suppose)