Collaring Roosters to Reduce Crowing!


Collaring roosters is an effective way to reduce crowing - Easily by up to 80% volume and sometimes reducing frequency of crows too!

This helps with your sleep, and keeps your neighbours and family happy!

Here are some tips on collaring them. 

Velcro Collars are great, comfortable and cheap alternative VS a branded "nocrow" collar.

Purchasing One:

For an affordable option - Look for Challenger's Velcro Strap ($8, $5 for members!) which has the largest roll, and one of the softer alternatives for comfort. 

Roosters often lose their collar by trying to take them out, so a cheap and easily replaceable option is great here. 

Preparing and collaring your rooster:

1. Cut a collar, approximately able to go around the neck 1.5 rounds

2. Gently coil around your rooster's neck, under the neck feathers (streamers), going one round and then letting the velcro connect with the remaining 0.5 round left. 
Aim for a small gap of a pinky finger here! That would give a snug fit, not too tight such that it will choke your dearest roo, but not too loose that it allows for crowing. 

3. Positioning it near where the "adam's apple" is at, helps to reduce crowing the most i feel. You can spot it when it breathes and crows, the location that protrudes out during then. 

Post Collaring:

Seeing how the rooster reacts after collaring is important.

The rooster, on first time collaring, will try to get it out through various means, such as going backwards with neck down to try get it to drop off. 

Another way to take note, would be using his own beak to try pluck it off. This can be dangerous if the beak gets stuck in the collar, so a snug fit is IMPORTANT here! A loose collar can lead to the beak being stuck there during the attempts to remove the collar. 

Finally, ensure your rooster is drinking and eating well after. After maybe 15-30 minutes of trying to remove the collar, most of them just get back to their daily activities and giveup their attempts... for now. 

Have fun and happy chicken keeping!