6 Steps to Cleaning Your Coop! (Guide)

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your chickens is essential for their health and well-being. A dirty coop or cage can lead to a range of issues, from respiratory problems to decreased egg production. Here's how you can sanitize, disinfect, and deep clean your chicken coop or cage to ensure the chickens have a nice and comfy place to sleep in!

Given they sleep where they sit (and sometimes eat), hygiene is a priority. 

Frequency: Once every week/fortnight, depending on coop size, flock size and time spent in the cage/ coop.

For those in cages 24/7, do clean every few days ideally. 

Time: 30 minutes (Excluding airing time)

Effort Level: 8/10

Messy Level: 7/10

For chicken housing guides, do refer to this guide


1. Clear all the poop, dirt, shavings, and feathers out

This can be a messy task, but it's an important first step in getting your coop or cage clean. Use small and large brooms to make the job easier and sweep everything into a large trash bag.

2. Optional: Hose it down with water and wash it, to soften up and get rid of some tougher dirt.

Hose down the coop or cage with water and wash it, if desired. This can help soften and remove tougher dirt, but be aware that some wooden coops may not hold up well to water. If you do choose to hose down your coop, be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly in the sun afterwards.

3. Spray the coop with pet friendly F10 Disinfectant or F10 Detergent

Spray the coop or cage with a pet-friendly disinfectant or detergent, such as F10. Dilute the product according to the label instructions, using a spray bottle to apply it heavily to the coop or cage. Wipe it down with a towel afterwards for optimal cleanliness. F10 is safe for all animals and is used and recommended by veterinarians.

Spray Bottle: Daiso, $2. 
Dilute 1ml to 250ml of water, or for a stronger clean, 1ml to 100ml of water.
Spray heavily onto coop, to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould! 

Wipe it down after with a towel for optimal cleanliness. Resistant poop should be gone then! 

4. Air and sun the coop, preferably for a few hours. 

This will help eliminate any residual disinfectant and ensure that your birds have a fresh and comfortable place to sleep.

No worries for residual F10, as it’s perfectly safe for all animals

5. Add Diatomaceous Earth

Apply Diatomaceous Earth to the coop or cage base and edges. This natural product is effective at killing mites and reducing moisture, and it can be mixed in with the bedding as your birds scratch around. Be sure to use a food-grade product for safety.

You may get yours from DEnutrients.com or Lazada/Shopee. 

Do get food grade ones for safety!

6. Fill it up with Blue Frog Wood Shavings and you are done!

Soft and comfy, wood shavings is the recommended bedding for your chooks.

Fill the coop or cage with a high-quality bedding material, such as Blue Frog Wood Shavings. These shavings are highly absorbent, have large flakes and minimal dust, making them easy to clean and gentle on your birds' respiratory systems. You can also add optional ingredients such as garlic powder or herbs to help keep your coop or cage smelling fresh.

Optional: Use F10 Odour Eliminator to kill germs and keep the coop nice smelling! Pine scented. 

By following these steps, you can easily ensure that your chickens have a clean and comfortable place to sleep. This will not only help keep them healthy and happy, but it will also make your job as a chicken keeper easier and more enjoyable.