HAVENS Large Flock Bundle (NO Grit)

HAVENS Large Flock Bundle (NO Grit)

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Introducing HAVENS Large Flock Bundle, the all-in-one feed for adult poultry. Specially imported from the Netherlands, this fully balanced meal is used by AVA and researchers for its high-quality ingredients - 3 natural calcium sources for optimal shell, and a complete vitamin and amino acid profile. The perfect choice for all your laying hens and waterfowl.

Get the best nutrition for your adult poultry flocks with the HAVENS Large Flock Bundle. This complete feed consists of dried mealworms, providing high protein for healthy chickens, along with grit for extra calcium while laying. Suitable for chickens, ducks, quails, and more, this bundle is the perfect combo for all your poultry needs.

Perfect for a flock of 5-10 chickens, ducks or any poultry.

Full product details per item can be seen here:
HAVENS Layer Feed x1 Bag 25KG
Dried Mealworms x2 Bags of 1KG (Total 2KG)
Versele Laga Grit Plus 1.5KG x1 (OOS, price reduced)