Baby Chick Starting Bundle

Baby Chick Starting Bundle

Clucking Good
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Our bundles are a great way to kickstart your journey into chicken keeping!

Save more and worry less on missing out for anything your chick needs!

The Baby Chick Starting Bundle is ideal for a pair of chicks for their first four months.  

This is basically the essentials, and our way of making sure our silkies grow extra fluffy and well!

(Text me your choices, or i'll mix and match for you! Subject to availability of various options) 

Our Clucking Good Starting Bundle includes: 

Bedding (Optional!):
Plospan Wood Shavings (Worth $35)


Chick Food for the first 0-4 months:

Versele-Laga Show Chick Starter Crumbles 5KG

(Worth $30, original price $36) x 1

- Use this first! For greater immunity

Versele-Laga Chick Crumbles 5KG OR Versele-Laga Chick Starter Mash. Same product in different size.

(Worth $25, original price $28) x 1

- Use this next before weaning to adult layer feed.


Treats and Supplements for optimal digestion, growth and additional protein:

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Worth $20)

- Use as supplement and treats! The additional protein and amino acids help your chickens grow better and be fluffier. with added probiotics. Mix into feed about 5-10% of diet.


Chick Grit 2.5 KG Worth $8.80

Bundle Rate (With Shavings) : $120 + FREE DELIVERY! (Original Price $139.80)

Bundle Rate (Without Shavings): $86 (Original price $96)