Bumblefoot Treatment

1. F10 Ointment was applied for 2-3 days before surgical treatment.
Note the reddish swollen portion, that's the worst stage of a bumblefoot.
The F10 ointment seemed to help to reduce swelling after application pre-treatment.
2. Epsom salt bathe to help soften the wound (Scab-like texture)
3. Wound was then cleaned using F10 disinfectant, along with the art knife used (Bought from Popular/ Daiso)
4. After surgery, apply F10 ointment to speed up recovery. Bandaged for the first few days.
Ointment reapplication recommended daily. Recovery took less than a week!
5. Wait for Chicken's feet to be back to normal!
Do check regularly for your chickens as our wet weather period allows for bacteria to grow easily.
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Expiry 2022 onwards so you can store for long periods without worry.
Products Used:
F10 Disinfectant was used to clean the wound and knife, recommended and used by vets for surgeries!
F10 Antiseptic Ointment was used pre and post treatments for a few days before and after, softening the wound and killing bacteria inside before operation. Preventing germs and wound from festering post-treatment, to allow for fast and safe recovery 🙂