Dried BSF Powder 500g

Dried BSF Powder 500g

Insect Feed Technologies
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Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Powder! 500g

Add to feed as a topper, great to supplement protein!

Key Information:

  • Widely accepted by hamsters, fishes, chickens, quails and other poultry
  • REDUCED FAT, Higher protein %!
  • Smells freaking good. Like dried shrimps!
  • Raised on purely food-grade vegetable products. No animal-origin
  • Washed cleanly and roasted dried for better taste. Delicious.
  • Dry Roasting Method for better taste, nutrition preservation and no air pockets inside.
  • High protein content of >50% protein that's highly digestible
  • Higher protein and lower fat than mealworms 
  • Comprehensive vitamin, mineral and amino acid profile for an au natural food.
  • No hormones, meat, preservatives, antibiotics or other chemicals.
  • Sustainably farmed, reducing food waste. 
  • Manufactured by a Singapore startup! Insect Feed Technologies.
  • Fresh stock regularly, proudly made in Singapore!

Directions for use:

  • Mix the BSF meal powder into feed, to boost the protein content and increase acceptance of feed!