Versele Laga 40KG Mini Mix XL Bundle (NO Grit)

Versele Laga 40KG Mini Mix XL Bundle (NO Grit)

Clucking Good
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Discover all the essentials for keeping a small flock of chickens with our Versele Laga Large Flock Bundle. This bundle is suitable for 5-10 chickens and can last for 1-3 months depending on the number of chickens and their breed.

Designed to keep your silkies and chickens extra fluffy and happy, this bundle includes the necessary bedding, adult layer feed, treats, and supplements.

Our Clucking Good Layer Bundle includes:

Versele-Laga Mini Grain Mix 20KG x2
Well formulated European brand, adult layer feed

Protein-rich dried Mealworms 2KG

- providing high protein treats to supplement your flock's diet, and produce more eggs.

Versele Laga Grit Plus 1.5KG x 1